Fleet Organisations

WEX Motorpass purpose built solutions designed to save you time and effort
Since 1983, our extensive proprietary network has earned the trust of commercial and government fleets, which use our charge cards to purchase fuel and the option to purchase maintenance and repair services. We allow you to tailor the WEX Motorpass fuel card offering, administration, card controls and payment solutions to suit you.

Comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive reporting is one of the fundamental ways fleets have been able to rein in costs over the last decade. WEX Motorpass can provide more advanced reporting than that of credit cards or debit cards. We capture data such as vehicle ID, driver ID and odometer readings which are all critical to today’s fleet operations. WEX Motorpass allows you to access the transaction files that can be integrated into your own systems. We can provide these data files daily, weekly or monthly to suit your needs.

We can help your business save money on overall fuel management expenses by providing efficient reporting, product and purchase controls, flexible fees and payment terms. With our widespread acceptance your drivers downtime will be minimised as they won’t have to waste time looking for a fuel station and you won’t have to pay for the added kilometers racked up in that search. Also you won’t be stung with out of network transaction fees like some other fuel cards, WEX Motorpass can be used almost anywhere.

Access to a multi-branded network
Boasting a network of over 6,000 service stations, WEX Motorpass is accepted at more than 93% of fuel locations Australia wide. Which means your drivers will never be stuck finding somewhere to fill up.

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